Image of a professional cleaner wearing protective covers over brown shoes vacuuming a gray textured carpet with a yellow and stainless steel vacuum cleaner by a gray love seat with light brown legs.

Deep Cleaning

Ever find yourself needing to give your home some overdue Deep cleaning? Some homes need more care than others, especially if you haven’t had it professionally cleaned for a while. We understand that as a homeowner you are incredibly busy, juggling all of the events that come with family, work, and a bit of fun. We created our Deep Cleaning Service for busy homeowners just like you whose home needs some extra love and care to meet your expectations, or whose home hasn’t been professionally cleaned for a while.

This service includes our Standard Cleaning Service, additional wet-wiping and dusting, plus additional cleaning of appliances and furniture. You can schedule your Deep Cleaning Service on a weekly, biweekly, or even monthly basis to ensure your home stays spotless. Please visit our checklist page for a detailed list of our services.



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